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Send real postcards and letters from your phone or laptop.
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Custom postcards

Personalise your postcard by uploading your photos or pictures. Write your message and send it to your loved ones. Your postcard will be printed, stamped and sent by our services so you don’t have to.

Private letters

Write your private message of your letter. You can even add a custom signature. We will take care of printing your letter, fold it into an envelope and send it to the address of your choice for you.

Virtual Mailbox

Turn your address into a Virtual Mailbox. Share the link of your Mailbox to anybody and receive mails to your door while keeping your house address hidden.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to send a real mail instead of an e-mail or SMS. For one, mail is a more personal form of communication. It shows that you took the time to sit down and write a letter or postcard, which can mean a lot to the recipient. Additionally, mail is more permanent than an email or SMS, meaning the recipient can save it and re-read it later if they want. Finally, mail can be more efficient than an e-mail or SMS in certain situations. For example, if you need to send a large amount of information to someone, it would be much easier to do so via mail than via e-mail or SMS.

It pretty simple. You can send two types of mail with Postaly: postcards and letter. Customise your mail by uploading your own photos, write the message you would like to address to the recipient, add a signature and your mail is ready. Once your mail is personalised to your taste, enter the address you would like to send your mail to. Postaly will take care of printing your mail on real physical paper, add a stamp and mail it for you. You can send your mails to anybody anywhere in the world.

Absolutely! Postaly works with worldwide local postal services so we can ship your mail to any countries in the world. However keep in mind that depending on the country you would like to send your mail to, delivery times may vary from one country to another. Delivery works like a regular postal service. Since we entirely rely on local postal services it may happen that they lose some mails, fortunately it is very rare (only 1% of orders get lost) and most of our users’ orders are delivered properly and on time.

Our pricing is pretty straightforward: It costs 4.90 per postcard or letter. This price includes the printing cost, the stamping and the delivery of your order so you don’t have to worry about anything after creating your order. Taxes or also already included in the price. No hidden cost or additional billing (we’re not a bank lol).

Since Postaly relies entirely on local postal services, delivery times depends on the country of destination of your order. Here are a list of the delivery estimates for each countries.
Your messages are entirely private. We don’t read them and don’t analyse them for whatever shady reasons. Since you pay for our services, Postaly doesn’t need to collect and sell personal data. We don’t care about your data and we only use the informations that allow us print and send you order properly. We also have deletion processes that clean the data stored in our servers everyday. To be honest, we delete your data from our servers in order to lower or servers’ cost but also because we think that your data shouldn’t be shared around without your strict consent. Postaly is not Google or Facebook, we don’t sell ads so we don’t need data. For more informations, feel free to read our privacy policies.

The good thing with Postaly is that we don’t process the payment ourselves. We rely on the infrastructure of one of the leading online payment company (Stripe) to secure our payment system. That way we benefit from the Stripe’s payment securities processes and technology. You can sleep soundly, your credit card informations are secured. For more information about Stripe payments, your can read their security policies.

Used by 10 000+ happy users

Maud T.
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Just received my first postalie postcard 🤩 the quality is great, and it can be customized ! We may have forgotten this feeling when you open your letter box, and you have something else than adds... Postalie is perfect to please the persons you love !
Amr R.
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Amazing customer experience. Very easy to use, practical, filled with many details and suprises such as a personalized signature section, that I've used to make a drawing that my friend will definitely love. As well as the many services they offer, such as sending a card to a celibrity you love...10/10!!!
Alejandro C.
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Amazing service. The product is great and it really helps people around the world connect in a more personal way.
Aude S.
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This app is really nice, especially if you like photography. It lets you use your own photos and has a lot of features to personalize your postcards. It makes sending cards a lot easier and saves a lot of time.
Matthieu T.
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Really easy to use, with no account to create! I highly recommend it!
Manon L.
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Amazing idea, efficient and well designed ! Highly recommended 🙂
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