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Receive real mails to your door without sharing your house address publicly.
Loved by 10 000+ users
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How does it work?

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Hide your house address

Convert your address into a private Virtual Mailbox. Only Postaly knows your house address and will never display it publicly.
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Share your Mailbox

Share your Virtual Mailbox to anybody. People you share your mailbox to will be able to send your letters or postcards without knowing your address.

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Receive mails to your door

All the mails sent to your Virtual Mailbox will be automatically printed and sent to your house address privately.

Frequently Asked Questions

It works just like a real-world postal box. Create your mailbox profile by submitting your house address. Your address will be converted into a code that will be displayed on your Mailbox page. Share that mailbox page to anybody that you like and these persons will be able to send you real printed mails with Postaly to your house address without knowing it.
The house address behind your mailbox is only known by Postaly. We will never share or display your house address to anybody. Postaly redirects any mails sent to your Virtual Mailbox to your real address without display your address to the sender.
Creating a Virtual Mailbox is free for everybody. Since sharing your Mailbox to others promotes Postaly services and encourage people to use Postaly to send real postcards or letters online. This is how we make money.
Anybody you share your Mailbox with. If your Mailbox is publicly shared on the internet, that mean anybody will be able to send you mails (of course without knowing your real address).
Absolutely! To delete your Mailbox, just reach out to and we will proceed to delete any data associated to your Mailbox. Once your Mailbox is deleted, people will not me able to send you mails anymore and any mails sent to your Virtual Mailbox will not be redirected to your address.
With Postaly, people can send you customised postcard or private letters directly from their phone or laptop. Once the mail created, Postaly will print and send physical the mails to your address.

Used by 10 000+ happy users

Maud T.
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Just received my first postalie postcard 🤩 the quality is great, and it can be customized ! We may have forgotten this feeling when you open your letter box, and you have something else than adds... Postalie is perfect to please the persons you love !
Amr R.
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Amazing customer experience. Very easy to use, practical, filled with many details and suprises such as a personalized signature section, that I've used to make a drawing that my friend will definitely love. As well as the many services they offer, such as sending a card to a celibrity you love...10/10!!!
Alejandro C.
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Amazing service. The product is great and it really helps people around the world connect in a more personal way.
Aude S.
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This app is really nice, especially if you like photography. It lets you use your own photos and has a lot of features to personalize your postcards. It makes sending cards a lot easier and saves a lot of time.
Matthieu T.
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Really easy to use, with no account to create! I highly recommend it!
Manon L.
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Amazing idea, efficient and well designed ! Highly recommended 🙂

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Create your Mailbox, share it to anybody and send start receiving real printed mails to your door.
Loved by 10 000+ users