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Quick & easy

Instead of finding, writing, and mailing a letter yourself, use Postaly. With Postaly, you can send your letter in 5 minutes directly from your phone or laptop. Just customize your letter and we’ll take care of printing and sending it for you.

Private envelope

Your letter will be folded in a private white envelope so the message you wrote stays between you and the recipient. The envelope is included in the price of your order.

Handwritten fonts

Choose the font for your text that best fits your message and the tone you want to convey. Some fonts even imitate handwriting to give your letter a more “homemade” look.

No app required

You don’t need to download an app to create and send a letter online. All you need is an internet connection and a device.

Custom signature

To make your letter more unique, you can even draw a custom signature at the bottom of your letter. If you don’t want to sign your letter and stay anonymous, simply leave it blank or draw something else.

No account needed

We don’t care about your data. You don’t need to fill out an endless sign up form or create an account to use Postaly. Simply create and send your letter in 5 minutes with a few clics.
Send Letter Online

Technical specifications

✔︎ Standard A4 paper format
✔︎ 4×11 inches or 21×29,7cm
✔︎ White envelope
✔︎ Color printing
✔︎ Recyclable paper

How to send a letter online?

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1. Write your message

Write the message of your letter directly from your phone or your computer. You can write up to 3000 characters.
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2. Set the destination address

Add the name of the recipient and the address of your choice. You can send you letter anywhere in the world for the same fixed price.
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3. Press "Send"

Postaly will take care of printing your letter on standard A4 paper and send it in a nice private envelope.

How much does it cost?

There are no hidden fees – what you see is what you get. We’re not a bank, so what you’re paying for is the printing, stamping and sending of your letter globally.

4.90€ /letter

✔︎ Printing & envelope
✔︎ Stamping
✔︎ Worldwide delivery

Used by 10 000+ happy users

Maud T.
Read More
Just received my first postalie postcard 🤩 the quality is great, and it can be customized ! We may have forgotten this feeling when you open your letter box, and you have something else than adds... Postalie is perfect to please the persons you love !
Amr R.
Read More
Amazing customer experience. Very easy to use, practical, filled with many details and suprises such as a personalized signature section, that I've used to make a drawing that my friend will definitely love. As well as the many services they offer, such as sending a card to a celibrity you love...10/10!!!
Alejandro C.
Read More
Amazing service. The product is great and it really helps people around the world connect in a more personal way.
Aude S.
Read More
This app is really nice, especially if you like photography. It lets you use your own photos and has a lot of features to personalize your postcards. It makes sending cards a lot easier and saves a lot of time.
Matthieu T.
Read More
Really easy to use, with no account to create! I highly recommend it!
Manon L.
Read More
Amazing idea, efficient and well designed ! Highly recommended 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you wrote and customised your letter, we will send your order to our printing center. Your letter will be printed on real paper and sent to the address of your choice.
Absolutely, nobody will read the content of your letter appart from the recipient. Your letter will be folded in a white envelope so your letter will stay between you and the recipient.
Your letter will be printed on standard A4 paper format: 4×11 inches (or 21×29,7cm).
Postaly payment infrastructure is entirely secured by the leading online payment provider Stripe. That way Postaly benefits from Stripe’ secured technology to process our payments. Your credit card informations is not known by Postaly and is safely stored by Stripe.
There are a few reasons why sending a real letter may be better than sending an email. A real letter shows that you are willing to put in the extra effort to communicate with someone. It can be seen as more personal and thoughtful. A real letter allows you to express yourself in a more detailed and creative way than an email. You can include your own drawings or photos, for example. A real letter gives the recipient something to hold on to and re-read, unlike an email which can be easily deleted.
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